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Provisional Monastery Typicon
Our provisional Typicon was adapted from the Typicon of the Monastery of St. John of San Francisco in Manton. Our adoption of this rule will  be a gradual process and a time marked by transition. We will work and refine and redefine concepts within this Typicon as time goes on, especially in the area of clarifying the relationship between the Monastery, the Metropolitan, and the Seminary.  This will lead to healthy boundaries and ultimately be to the great benefit of all institutions.
This will certainly be a work in progress and our Monastery Typicon will be a living witness to our life in Christ here, revised by the Brotherhood from time to time in order to reflect our particular Monastery, the work we do, and the life we have in Christ. At this time, the document is current under revision.


Monastery of St. Tikhon of Zadonsk
175 St. Tikhon's Road
Waymart, PA 18472
570-937-4067 (Phone)
  • Sun

    9:10 Hours and Divine Liturgy
    4:30 Vespers & Matins
  • Mon

    6:00 Midnight Office, Hours, & Liturgy
    4:30 Vigil 
  • Tue

    St. Demetrius
    6:30 Hours, & Liturgy
    4:30 Vespers & Matins
  • St Anna on the Road
    St Anna will be in the South this fall.
  • Music Program Offerings
    The St Tikhon's music program continues to offer new programs and performances.
  • St. Demetrius Memorial Services
    We are taking names of the departed for commemoration.





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