Suggested Lenten Reading *Updated*
Suggested Lenten Reading *(Updated)*

There is a new daily Gospel reading on the monastery's Facebook page: Lenten Journey Through the Passion.

Just as each day of Lent is a step in our journey to Pascha,  the online readings allow us to follow the teachings and events in the life of our Lord one step at a time to better appreciate all He went through and did for us.  Readings are chronological so the events from Palm Sunday to Pascha...Holy Week, the Passion...may be better understood and appreciated in 'small bites'  before the concentrated, lengthy readings of the Gospel accounts take place during Holy Week.

Another large work read during Lent, the Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete, has been divided into daily readings and is available for viewing/download here:   Daily Reading of the Great Canon.

Lent is often a time when Christians concentrate on feeding their physical bodies less while negelecting to 'feed' their spirit more.  Below are some suggested titles to consider for Lenten reading.  Excluding Sundays there are 42 days from Lent until Pascha so the approximate number of pages that need to be read each day to complete the book is also included.   Sundays can be used to 'catch up' missed days during the week or to read ahead  (the last week will have a few extra pages to read in most cases).

The majority of titles in green text are available from STS Press.  Others from

The Ladder of Divine Ascent
St. John Climacus  -  264 pg. (6 pages daily)
Classic text outlining the steps for progress  in the spiritual life.

Ascending the Heights / Thirty Steps to Heaven
Two books presenting the Ladder for laity  in thiry steps/summaries.
Wounded by Love
Elder St. Porphyrios - 250 pg.  (6 pages daily)
The teachings of this modern elder with his emphasis on the love of God.
Monastic Wisdom
Elder Joseph the Hesychast - 392  pg.  (9 pages daily)
Collected letters detailing various issues and the 'spiriiual medicine' prescribed by the Elder.
Spiritual Awakening
Elder St Paisios - 395 pg.   (9 pages daily)
Question and answer books with emphasis on the spiritual life.
My Life in Christ
St. John of Kronstadt -  556 pg. (13 pages daily)
The 'spiritual diary' of this 20th Century Russian saint.
Unseen Warfare
Lorenzo Scupoli; edited by St. Theophan the Recluse - 27 sections
An 'organized plan'  identifying passions and ways to deal with them.
Way of a Pilgrim
Helen Boovcin, translator - 189 pg.  (5 oages daily)
Way of a Pilgrim
Shambhala Publisher featuring  with commentary by Fr. Hopko) -  264 pgs  (6 pages daily)
The most popular and easy to read description of the Jesus Prayer.
Art of Salvation
Elder Ephraim of Arizona -  33 homilies
Homilies from one of Elder Joseph's spiritual sons who lives in Arizona.
Shorter works...
Thoughts for Each Day of the Year
St Theophan the Recluse   (read each brief Lenten section daily)

Great Lent
Fr. Alexander  Schmemann (short introduction and overview of Lent)


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