A New Archimandrite
A New Archimandrite and Monk

Abbot  Sergius [Bowyer] was elevated to the rank of Archimandrite on May 25.

'Archimandrite' means 'chief shepherd of a sheepfold' and is the highest honorary rank of the priesthood  (between a priest and a bishop).  Pilgrimage weekend's Sunday Liturgy was chosen as the time for Abbot Sergius to receive this honor from Metropolitan Tikhon.

A week earler on May 17,  a new riassaphore monk was tonsured:  Fr. Basil.  This the 'second step' in the monastic vocation, the first being that of novice.  'Tonsuring' involves the cutting a a small amount of hair in a cross-shaped pattern as a sign of humility.  'Riassaphore' means 'robe-bearer' from the outer cassock he is given.  A riassaphore monk is one that has made a commitment to remain a monk.


Elevaton of Fr. Sergius to Archimandrite - 05/25/14

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Tonsuring of Fr. Basil to Riassaphore Monk - 05/17/14

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