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St. Herman of Alaska
One of the first missionaries to Alaska from Russia. Fell asleep December 13, 1837.
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St. Juvenaly
One of the first missionaries to Alaska; martyred by natives. Fell asleep late 18th Century, commemorated September 24.
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St. Peter the Aleut
Alaska native convert martyred by Catholics in California. Fell asleep in 1815, commemorated September 24.
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St. Innocent of Alaska
Evangelizing Bishop who laid a firm foundation for the American Church. Fell asleep March 31, 1879.
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St. Jacob
First native American Orthodox priest. Fell asleep July 26, 1864.
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St. Alexis Toth
Former Uniate Catholic priest who brought thousands into the Orthodox Church. Fell asleep May 7, 1909.
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St. Raphael of Brooklyn
First Orthodox bishop consecrated in America. Fell asleep February 14, 1915.
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St. Tikhon of Moscow
Introduced English in the liturgy, founded St. Tikhon's, the first monastery in America and later was the first Patriarch of Russia since 1700. Fell asleep April 7, 1925.
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St. John Kochurov
Missionary priest and later martyr to the Bolsheviks in Russia. Fell asleep October 31, 1917.
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St. Alexander Hotovitzky
Energetic missionary priest later martyred in Stalin's Soviet regime. Fell asleep in the fall of 1937.
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St. Nikolai of Zhicha
Serbian hierarch who served in various capacities in the America ending his days as Dean and Rector of St. Tikhon's. Fell asleep March 18, 1956.
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St. John of San Francisco
Russian Archbishop who ended his many active years of worldwide service to the Church on the West Coast. Fell asleep July 2, 1966.
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