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The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much....James 5:16

In the tradtition of monastic service, St. Tikhon's  offers prayers for both the living and those that have fallen asleep.  While we greatly appreciate any financial donation you would like to offer, there is no specific charge for this important service to the Church.

A moleben is an intercessory prayer service for a specific intention (healing, wisdom, reconciliation, employment, safety, general wellbeing, etc.).  Use the form below to include names in our weekly moleben service.  All names are collected and are offered during one of two weekly moleben services  (Tuesday and Friday).  If there is a time-sensitive, truly life-threatening emergency  situation please note that  as 'urgent' when submitting and the moleben will be offered as soon as possible.

Moleben Request

Prayer for the souls of the departed is an essential element of Orthodox Church tradition and service. 

The pannikhida is the traditional memorial service for the souls of departed loved ones.  It may be offered  at any time after physical death but is  most often offered at the time of passing as well as the 3rd, 9th, and 40th days after passing and  the  yearly anniversary of the date.   

Pannikhidas cannot be scheduled more than 3 days in advance so please submit close to the date you have selected for it to be offered.

Pannikhida Request

Commemoration of the living and the departed at Divine Liturgy is an adundant source of grace for souls in need.  The names of Orthodox Christians submitted to us are mentioned in the  Service of Proskomedia (Prothesis) when the gifts of bread and wine are prepared. Please specify if the person is Orthodox or Non-Orthodox.  Also please note that during Lent and Holy week we are not able to schedule weekday Liturgy commemorations.

Names are gathered through the week and submitted as a list every Friday.  Because of the large number of people reached by the monastery we request that names be submitted only once a month by each individual (unless there is an emergency situation).  We typically schedule groups of 10 names or less for commemoration for the following four weeks. Larger lists of names will be commemorated for two weeks. Names are commemorated at all Divine Liturgies Sunday and throughout the week.

Liturgy Commemoration Request Forms:

Living Orthodox  ~  Departed Orthodox  ~ Living Non-Orthodox ~ Departed Non-Orthodox

In today's society, whether because of a subconscious desire to avoid 'thinking about' death or to just 'do something', attention is focused on helping the family at the time of a loved one's passing through flowers, visits, cards and other tangible efforts.  Some families try to channel expressions of support into something useful like donations to a church or charity.  But, aside from prayers for the departed in Orthodox  (and Catholic) services, nothing is usually done to actually help the soul of he departed when he or she needs it most.

Because most parishes have few liturgies throughout the week...often just on Sunday...the daily liturgy at St. Tikhon's Monastery offers Orthodox faithful the opportunity to help departed souls through daily commemoration at Divine Liturgy as well as traditional pannykhida services.

When a family member or friend passes, submit their name to the monastery.  Commemorations for the departed are normally done for the traditional 40 days.  Then, send a card to the family with a short note saying (in your own words): "We have arranged for prayers for the soul of 'NAME' for at St. Tikhon's  Monastery.    As Orthodox Christians we believe that prayers are of great help to those who have departed this life."   Then, add personal comments of your own.

This will serve as a reminder to Orthodox Christians to remember to pray for the departed and to hopefully motivate them to help others in the same way.  For non-Orthodox, it can open a door to discuss the Faith with them and perhaps lead to their eventual conversion. 


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